The Memory Machine #66 – Obscure Horror Recommendations

It’s been a bit, but we’re back just in time for some Halloween fun! For the first time in years, Nate is welcoming back guests Seth and Trey to talk about some of their favorite horror films that may have been forgotten, overlooked, or underseen. Hopefully there’s a few choices here that are new to you that will be good recommendations for your own Halloween horror watches!

Come see Trey with the Buffalo Comedy Collective! Upcoming events are on the website.

Seth performs with the band Spud all over Western New York. See them October 27th at Nietzsches! Also be sure to check out the burlesque troupe he’s with, The Glam Vamps.

As for Nate, you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

And hey – if you wanna throw a few coins in the ‘ol coffer – check out the Patreon! Eh?

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