The Memory Machine #65 – The Wide World of Silent Comedy

On this edition of the Memory Machine, host Nathaniel Lockhart has on prolific author, historian, and YouTube host Steve Massa to help teach us about how wide the breadth of humor truly was in the silent era. If all you know is Chaplin, Keaton, and (maybe) Harold Lloyd, prepare to be amazed at how deep this iceberg goes! You’ll learn about styles of humor other than slapstick that were prevalent in the era, be frustrated that somehow, Charley Chase never had a feature film, and stare off in the distance with befuddlement as Steve explains the Dippy-Doo-Dads! Just as advertised in this week’s Moving Picture World!*

Be sure to check out the monthly Silent Comedy Watch Party on Sundays at 3PM EST! Heck, you can watch some past episodes RIGHT NOW

You can find Steve’s books on Amazon, including his most recent one on Roscoe Arbuckle (and be sure to keep an eye out for the next installment of Lame Brains and Lunatics!)

You can follow host Nate Lockhart on Twitter and on Instagram.

*Advertisement not actually published in this week’s Moving Picture World. Also, this week’s Moving Picture World has not been printed due to the publication’s closing some 95 years ago.

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