The Memory Machine #57 – The 70’s Video Arcade Game Preservation Society

The Memory Machine becomes a roundtable this week as four luminaries join Nate on the podcast to discuss the underappreciated world of 70’s arcade video games, and the trials and travails in having them properly preserved. Guests include such authors and creators as Ethan Johnson (The History of How We Play, Arcade Dreams), Kate Willaert (A Critical Hit!), Dale Geddis (QuarterPast on Twitter), and Kevin Bunch (Atari Archive).

And if you have any materials related to the topic that you’d like to have preserved and/or archived, be sure to visit Gaming Alexandria, the Video Game History Foundation, or the Strong Museum!

Be sure to follow these fine folks on Twitter! Ethan – @GameResearch_E, Kate – @katewillaert, Dale – @QuarterPast83, Kevin – @ubersaurus, and Nate – @Nate_Lockhart (@nathaniel.lockhart on Instagram).

Here’s some examples of the games discussed on this week’s episode:

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