The Memory Machine #56 – Coin-Op Carnival (w/ Ryan Claytor and Nick Baldridge)

This week on the Memory Machine, two very special guests, Ryan Claytor and Nick Baldridge of the Coin-Op Carnival comic magazine, talk all about their joint publication, amazing pinball (and non-pinball) related projects, and their shared love of electro mechanical amusements. You’ll learn about bingo pinball! You’ll find out how pinball can be really fun even without flippers! You’ll buy a copy of Coin-Op Carnival!

Speaking of which, you can get a copy for yourself at Ryan’s website!

Ryan’s new podcast all about handheld gaming in the early 80’s is Game & Cast.

Nick’s long running podcast is For Your Amusement Only: The EM & Bingo Podcast. Both of the aforementioned podcasts come highly recommended.

Ryan’s son’s first comic book Kickstarter has finished, but you can find out more about it here.

Wanna know more about what the hell bingo pinball is? Nick wrote an excellent article about it here.

Here’s a video showcasing Nick’s rogue-like P3 pinball game, Ranger in the Ruins:

And here’s a couple videos showing some of the machines talked about in the episode:

You can follow Nate on Twitter @Nate_Lockhart and on Instagram @nathaniel.lockhart.

Special shoutout to Dutch chiptune composer RoccoW, who graciously allowed me to use his track “FamiFunk Over Breakfast” as the theme for this episode. Check him out on Spotify – Soundcloud – Youtube – Facebook – Twitter .

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