The Memory Machine #55 – So You Bought a Pinball Machine? (w/ Caitlyn Pascal)

This week on the podcast, Nate is joined by pinball enthusiast and owner Caitlyn Pascal to discuss the ins and outs of buying and owning pinball machines. What should you look for in buying a pinball machine? What should you be wary of? What is the process of maintaining and troubleshooting these things when something goes wrong? All these things and more are discussed on this week’s edition of the podcast.

You can find Caitlyn’s blog here.

You can follow host Nate Lockhart on Twitter and Instagram.

This week’s podcast banner and thumbnail are done by Maggie Lockhart. Her work can be found here.

Some of the machines mentioned on this week’s podcast:

Special shoutout to Dutch chiptune composer RoccoW, who graciously allowed me to use his track “FamiFunk Over Breakfast” as the theme for this episode. Check him out on Spotify – Soundcloud – Youtube – Facebook – Twitter .

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