The Memory Machine #54 – Megan Hahin and the Herschel Carrousel Factory Museum

This week on the Memory Machine, host Nate Lockhart chats with (former) Herschel Carrousel Factory Museum Director Megan Hahin! That’s right, it took so long to get the Memory Machine back up to running that since the time of this recording, that Megan Hahin has since taken a position with the nearby Buffalo History Museum, and Ian K. Seppala has stepped into the director’s role (perhaps an interview with him lies in the future?). In any case, the gem of this North Tonawanda museum remains, and Megan Hahin is here to talk about it, as well as Western New York’s role in fairground amusement history.

Be sure to follow the museum’s doings on Facebook and Instagram, and make sure to visit if you happen to be in Western New York!

You can follow host Nate Lockhart on Twitter and Instagram.

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