The Memory Machine #58 – Gaming Alexandria (w/ Dustin Hubbard)

This week on the Memory Machine, Nate has on the stalwart archiver par excellence and grand potentate of the Gaming Alexandria website, Dustin Hubbard to talk about adventures in scanning magazine, dumping ROMs for obscure computers, and even grumble a little bit about copyright law.

Please check out the Gaming Alexandria website to check out some of the fascinating things mentioned on this week’s episode, not to mention a host of other, equally fascinating material!

You can follow the goings on of Dustin and Gaming Alexandria by following them on Twitter at @GamingAlexandri (sic)! Also, join the Discord and yak our ears off about old video games, which you can find a link to on the Gaming Alexandria website.

You can follow host Nate on Twitter at @Nate_Lockhart, or on Instagram at @nathaniel.lockhart.

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