The Memory Machine #61 – The Origins of Baseball

The origins of baseball, America’s most cherished pastime, are often seen obscured through a magical fog of legend and myth – and we’re sick of it! Alex Smith (writer of They Create Worlds and host of the They Create Worlds podcast) helps Nate separate fact from fiction on this whirlwind tour of the early history of baseball. Did baseball really come from a British game called rounders? When did they decide on three strikes and four balls? And is there a lazier team name than the “Portland Portlanders”? Find your seat in the grandstand, hunker down with your favorite boiled meat snack, and enjoy this sporting episode of the Memory Machine!

Buy Alex’s book here! It’s great! And be sure to check out the accompanying podcast They Create Worlds. It’s also great!

You can find host Nate Lockhart on Twitter at @Nate_Lockhart and on Instagram @nathaniel.lockhart.

Special shoutout to Dutch chiptune composer RoccoW, who graciously allowed me to use his track “FamiFunk Over Breakfast” as the theme for this episode. Check him out on Spotify – Soundcloud – Youtube – Facebook – Twitter .

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