The Memory Machine #64 – Adventures and Misadventures in Vintage Console Repair

This month on the Memory Machine, Nate talks with guests Dustin, Jonas and Cyo all about their adventures in vintage console and computing repair. Thrill at the exploits of fault-finding triumph! Recoil in fear over tales of leaky, exploded capacitors! Shake your head at dumb, rookie mistakes! All this and more has been carefully recorded for your listening pleasure!

Check out Dustin Hubbard’s prolific scanning work at the Gaming Alexandria website, follow the Twitter, and join the Discord!

Find out more about Jonas’ work at Hit Save! They have a fun Discord group too!

And be sure to follow Cyo’s work on Twitter, as well as supporting his Patreon!

You can find the host, Nate Lockhart on Twitter and Instagram.

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